• Simple installation

    Simple installation

    • Select a template
    • Fill in online form
    • Provide category & product listing
    • Upload product images

    and you are ready to go!

  • Professional templates

    Professional templates

    Ready- to-use professional design templates optimized for Magento responsive online shop

  • Wide range of functionality

    Wide range of functionality

    • Extensive analysis & reporting tools and product managing system
    • SEO friendly
    • Additional paid plug-ins available

  • PayPal log-in function

    Log In with PayPal

    Provides an enhanced merchant experience for customers to sign in to your website quickly and securely using PayPal login credentials. Customers don’t need to create a new user account to shop and pay on your site. This reduces your cart abandonment rates and can benefit your sales.

    Best of all, you can better leverage PayPal's 157 million active members worldwide.

  • Training & Support

    Training & Support

    Don’t worry if you’re a newbie. We will provide Magento and SEO training along with training materials.

    There will also be e-mail support team to answer your questions: